Claire has spent most of her life working with ceramics.  She was a ceramic restorer for many years in Paris, Istanbul and London before deciding to create her own sculptures and functional ware.
Having spent time in the African bush and on the west coast of Ireland, nature plays its part in her work.  She is particularly interested in shapes and how for example the form of a leaf can also merge to become that of a fish, or how the carcass of a whale can look like the hull of a boat.  So in this way everything is interconnected.
All her work is hand built so each piece is unique.  She mostly works in stoneware and uses matt glazes and oxides.  She will often leave a sculpture partially unglazed as she likes to see the actual clay itself.
Claire has exhibited in the RHA summer exhibition Dublin and in the Hallward Gallery , Dublin,  and Mill Cove Gallery , Cork.

2016 Irish Ceramics Award. Fitzgerald award.
2012 Irish Ceramics Award 2012. Zozimus award.
2011. Morley Gallery, London.