Gunvor Anhøj was born in Denmark in 1973. She currently works in bronze and Corten steel from her studio in County Wicklow. From early childhood she loved making and used to sit and carve wooden objects in the garden of the family home. For a living she trained as a horticulturist and was first introduced to Iron when required to plough the fields the old way using horses and a one-furrow plough. 

Gunvor has exhibited extensively in the UK and Ireland and won several awards, including the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, The Royal Dublin Academy and the 2015 Mill Cove Award. Gunvor’s work is dramatic yet playful; she composes her pieces using a minimal amount of components which she assembles in a way that suggest a childish and informal creation. To retain the sense of the human touch - which can be otherwise absent in large scale metal sculpture - Gunvor purposely leaves her maker’s marks in the form of heavy surface texture.