Nicole graduated from L.S.A.D in 2007 with a B.A (Hons) in Ceramics. Having obtained valuable experience in the industry, she gained her M.A in 2011 and set up her first studio. Her works are based on associations that open a unique poetic vein, in which porcelain’s perceived fragility and smoke firing’s volatility are explored. By focusing on techniques and materials, she considers making art a craft which is achieved using ancient processes which have been re-imagined. In enclosing space, the vessel is the most literal metaphor for human existence. Smoke firing offers a similar space-time nexus, in that a unique set of chaotic elements need to unite for the creation of the finished piece. Her pieces are in many private collections internationally and are also represented in the permanent public collection of International Contemporary Ceramics at the Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia.