Vicki got a Higher Diploma in Fine Arts from Bray Institute of Further Education in 2011. She has exhibited with the with the Royal Hibernian Academy 2015, the NAG Gallery 2016, Ceramics Ireland, Sculpture in Context in 2016 and 2014 and The RDS National Craft Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2016. 

She is interested in memory and traces left behind in nature.

Vicki  ‘fossilises’ plants by encasing them in porcelain and firing them until all organic traces are obliterated and only the fragile porcelain skeletons remain.

Vicki is also fascinated by the Victorian habit of placing remembrances and taxidermy under glass domes. Her series Memento Mori celebrates the fleeting nature of life, with ghostly floral porcelain arrangements under glass domes.

 The porcelain series, Tattooing – the Smoke is inspired by cave art from millennia ago.